Zürich Betta Show hosted by European Betta Friends

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Show Rules


1) The show is open for selectively bred Betta Splendens.

2) The breeder must only enter self bred fish, born at the breeder's home.

3) Any use of products wich can color the water is strictly prohibited for any Bettas which are to be judged.
This is so the judges can clearly see the color of the fish, as well as preventing the judges from easily guessing who is breeder of the fish.

4) The maximum number of Bettas each breeder can enter in the show this year is 15.

5) Participants must send their entry forms by
August 15th and must fill out the entry form completely, otherwise their fish can not be accepted in the show.

6) Judgement is done by IBC standards.
No appeal can be made pertaining to judgement.

7-a) If "Novice" classes are offered for new breeders, they are optional.

7-b) The breeder can enter Bettas in Novice classes if he/she has not been showing Bettas for more than two years, up to the day of the show, regardless of host club or association.

7-c) If it cannot be clearly established before the show, that the person has not been showing Bettas for more than two years, or in case of doubt, EBF reserve the right to include the fish in open (normal) classes.

7-d) If the breeder does not enter Bettas in Novice classes, he/she will not be allowed to enter Novice classes in future shows.

8) Auction split: 25% goes to EBF, 75% goes to breeder.

9) The participants are free to take photos or videos of the fish in the show, but NOT before judgement.
The EBF reserve the right to ask for copies of the pictures for use by the club.

10) Bettas may be taken out of the show no sooner than 20:00 Saturday evening.

11) Sorry, no mail-in entries.

12) The breeder must abide by these rules.

Auction :

- The auction starts Saturday at 16.00 hrs

- What may be sold: only Bettas entered in the show.

- Split: 25% of sales price for the EBF, 75% for the breeder.

- Some time is scheduled for the cashier, buyers and sellers, after the sale.

- The number of Bettas that can be sold in the auction is limited to 6 fish maximum per person.

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